As one of ten finalists in the C-Prize competition run by Callaghan Innovation and with their support, we are developing a new product that will help indicate fall risks in the elderly using a light and unobtrusive wearable device.

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FallCast is a wearable technology that we are developing as part of the C-Prize competition. We aim to use this wearable to improve predictions of when a person is likely to fall, providing an opportunity to intervene before an injury occurs.

If you are interested in following our journey from idea to prototype to released product, please check our blog - we update it frequently.


Quoralis and FallCast were created initially as part of C-Prize, a competition run by Callaghan Innovation every two years, which focuses on challenging teams across New Zealand to innovate and create new technology.

C-Prize 2017 was focused on creating new wearable technology which would improve health, work safety or sports performance. Our focus has been on improving health, specifically to increase the number of healthy years for the older population.

Our Team

Sheldon Nunes


As a kid I was always the one taking various objects or toys apart, finding out how they worked and much to the dismay of my parents, forgetting to put them back together. Today, I retain that curiosity and fascination from my childhood. It is no surprise then, that my passion lies in building both hardware and software solutions.

My experience in software development lies in the medical field. This has exposed me to many of the processes for getting a medical device to the market and an understanding of just how important it is to build the right product. My hobbyist hardware projects have given me the experience necessary to bridge the gap between software and hardware solutions. I see Fallcast as an opportunity to combine my hardware and software roles and to provide a technology solution that will improve people's lives.


Nick Mertens


I am a designer with a focus on UX and UI (user experience & user interface) and I’ve got a soft spot for new technology, gadgets and how they can change the way you go through your day. I can help the team accomplish their goals by providing the customer with a great experience.

I have experience with web and mobile development, which will speed the design process along by speaking a similar technical language. My experience integrating mobile applications with medical devices has provided me with insight into the benefits of medical technology innovation and how a product like FallCast can enrich the lifestyle of technology users.

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Will Hewitt


I'm a passionate and motivated tech entrepreneur, born and raised in Nelson, New Zealand. Since I was 10 years old, I have been coding and "constructively deconstructing" various household items - generally to my parents dismay.

I have been a key member in several more ventures. Founding MOVO, which then evolved into Ventworks as we brought in other key members, where we have been developing innovative real-time 'Internet of Things' visualisation applications.


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