The next generation of elderly care



Quoralis is currently developing FallCast, a wearable solution designed to predict and prevent falls in older people. FallCast monitors the motion of it's user and detects any abnormalities in movement. This is reported to the user and caregivers to provide an opportunity to prevent the fall. This provides confidence and peace of mind for everyone and allows older people to enjoy a more independent life for longer.


Falls are one of the most common causes of injury in people aged 65+ and can lead to a massive reduction in quality of life or even death. It also brings a major cost that ACC has to pay each year and with an aging population, this is only set to increase even further.

FallCast has the aim to reduce these figures by monitoring gait and walking patterns over time and recognise when a fall is likely to occur in the following weeks. With a robust alert system integrated with an older person’s family or retirement village, this will allow steps to be taken to prevent the fall before it happens.

falls causes serious injury
of hip fractures caused by falling
most common cause of traumatic brain injuries
increased fear of falling

Senior Care & Assisted Living

For those working actively in senior care in retirement villages or rest homes, you will know how important it is and how challenging it can be to ensure residents are safe and continue feeling confident. As part of the FallCast solution, you will have access to a dashboard that makes it easy to keep an eye on fall risk for everyone in your facility with a FallCast device.


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